The Story how HomeSpa came to be is unoriginal. Lined with cliché struggles, professional moral and ethical awakenings, and realization that there is a way to impact more people, on a larger stage, faster, sooner and easier.

That’s why we focus on the PRESENT and what we are striving to achieve for TOMORROW.


HomeSpa is founded by certified trainers, nutrition experts and a licensed psychologist looking to make Fat Cavitation products easily available and affordable. Along the way, we became inspired to provide so much more!


Today, we are working feverishly to bring a wide range of clinical quality, do-it-yourself, medical spa products into homes. 

We are hoping that by making these tools affordable and easy to use and, we can help with our original goal: Help individuals feel even more healthy, confident and beautiful then they already are!


1. High Quality Products – We take pride in providing reliable quality that won’t fail you (We guarantee this one)

2. Affordability – We think everyone should be able to try these awesome, effective techniques! Many of our Products COST LESS THAN A SINGLE SESSION AT THE CLINIC!

3. Confidence - We Want You to Brave New Things!  Our hope is customers are more open to trying new things in the privacy of their home.  Especially within the last year, having the option to stay home for treatments has never helped more to boost comfort and confidence 

4. Freedom - Life is Hectic! We are working so that you do not have to worry about appointments, and can enjoy treatments whenever the heck you want!

5. Reliable, Trustworthy Guidance – We are seriously passionate about these goals! So please ask questions and contact us… Nothing would make us happier than steering you to the results you deserve!